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AGR22-031ARMYWarrant Officer, CW3 - CW4STEADZone 3 Nationwide (NVARNG AGR/Traditional Soldiers & those eligible to become a member of the NVARNG)PERMANENT7/12/20226/9/2022
AGR22-048AIRFORCEEnlisted Min E3 / A1C – Max E5 / SSgt with future promotion potential to E6 / TSgtLAS VEGASStatewidePERMANENT7/17/20226/16/2022
AGR22-041-1AIRFORCEEnlisted, Min E-5/SSgt-Max E-7/MSgtLAS VEGASNationwidePERMANENT7/10/20226/10/2022
AGR22-040-1AIRFORCEEnlisted, Min E-5/SSgt - Max E-6/TSgtLAS VEGASNationwidePERMANENT7/10/20226/10/2022
AGR22-039-1AIRFORCEE-4/SrA to E-6/TSgt, Min grade E-4 (SrA)LAS VEGASNationwidePERMANENT7/10/20226/10/2022
AGR22-049ARMYEnlisted, with eligibility to attend OCS, or Officer Min O-1/1LT - Max O-3/CPTLAS VEGASZone 2 Unrestricted Statewide (NVARNG AGR & Traditional Soldiers)PERMANENT7/26/20226/23/2022