National Guard

Counter Drug Force

Operating Principles Nevada National Guard Counterdrug Taskforce

I. The National Guard is a war-fighting organization. What we do in The Counterdrug Taskforce must never detract from the combat readiness of soldiers/airmen and units.

II. Success of our program depends on the knowledge and initiative of individual taskforce members. We will develop in our people the expertise necessary to competently and effectively support local Counterdrug efforts.

III. We must always link our operations to a defined problem. All Nevada National Guard Counterdrug operations will be built upon a clear threat assessment.

IV. The Nevada Counterdrug Taskforce is not a free agent in the war against drugs. Our job is support; we will always operate to augment the efforts of a clearly identified law enforcement agency or community organization.

V. The Nevada Counterdrug Taskforce is a military organization providing support to law enforcement. We have a unique responsibility to our organization, the American public and the U.S. Constitution. We will ensure, in doing our jobs here, that we do not violate any citizen's legal protections, that fellow Nevadans remain free of unwarranted intrusion by military force intended to protect them, and that we operate in accordance with the spirit of our most deeply held beliefs on individual liberty. .


Ground Reconnaissance
Aerial Reconnaissance
Marijuana Eradication
Criminal Analyst


Counterdrug Taskforce
1776 National Guard Way
Box 26
Reno, NV 89502

Counterdrug Operations
Office - (775) 348-5119


Our Mission

The National Guard Counterdrug Program’s mission is to support the detection, interdiction, disruption and curtailment of drug trafficking activities through the application of military skills and resources in order to reduce the threat posed by drug related transnational crime to the United States from a national security threat to a manageable law enforcement and public health problem.