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Disability Anti-Discrimination and Reasonable Accommodation Policy.pdf
6/1/2020 7:17 PMBlake, Jonnie SPC
EEO Complaint Process Poster Nevada.pdf
6/1/2020 6:53 PMBlake, Jonnie SPC
Equal Employment Opportunity Policy.pdf
6/1/2020 6:54 PMBlake, Jonnie SPC
FINAL NVNG Reasonable Accommodation and PAS SOP SIGNED.pdf
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MD715 FY 2019 Report final.pdf
8/28/2020 4:26 PMBlake, Jonnie SPC
Nevada NG Joint Civilian Discrimination Complaints Instruction Guide Mar 2020.pdf
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Policy Regarding Sexual Harassment.pdf
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Reasonable Accomodation Interactive Process Diagram.JPG
6/1/2020 7:07 PMBlake, Jonnie SPC

Military personnel such as AGR, ADOS, OTOT or traditional drilling Guardsman fall under Military Equal Opportunity. 

See below for the complaint process and souces of contact:

EO Complaint Resolution Request process.jpg
EO Complaint Resolution Request process.pdf

ANG EO Poster.jpg

ANG EO Poster.pdf


​Alicia Nyland
Equal Employment Manager
Office: 775-384-5845
​MAJ Valerie Hollenback
​ARNG Equal Opportunity Officer
​Office: 775-887-7390
​MAJ Jared Jeppson
​17th BDE Equal Opportunity Advisor 
​Hotline: 775-886-7600
​1SG Richard Miller
​State Equal Opportunity Advisor
​Hotline: 775-886-7600
​TSgt Adam Willett
​Wing Equal Opportunity Director
​Hotline: 775-886-7600
​Kenneth DuPree
​Special Emphasis Program Coordinator
​Office: 775-384-5844