National Guard

Family Programs

Mission Statement:

To assist Service Members, their families, and their communities in preparing for and coping with the demands of military life through education, involvement, communication and support.



 Our goals are:

* To ensure Family Members understand the military organization and its mission.

* To provide Family Members information about their benefits and entitlements.

* To bring to their attention changes in benefits that may occur with changes in military status, such as an Active Duty deployment.

* To facilitate the navigation of both military and community resources and agencies, and refer Service Members and their Families to the appropriate resources, as needed.

* To initiate communication between the Unit, the Service Members, the Family and the community during times of deployment and/or natural disaster.

* To achieve 100% monthly contact with all Nevada Guard families who have a Service Member deployed on a special operation.



State Family Programs Director OfficeOffice: (775) 384-5820Cell: (775) 230-6362
Wing Family Programs  Coordinator OfficeOffice: (775) 788-4585Cell: (775) 287-4768
24 Hour Toll FreeHotline: 833-251-8350
Family Programs (Reno)Office: (775) 384-5801Cell: (775) 223-3633
Family Programs (Winnemucca)Office: (775) 625-8286Cell: (775) 297-1811
Family Programs (North Las Vegas)Office: (702) 694-4474Cell: (775) 290-0685
Family Programs (South Las Vegas)Office: (702) 856-4815Cell: (775) 672-6834