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Military Funeral Honors

Military Funeral Honors

The Nevada Military Funeral Honors program is the face of the Nevada National Guard, conducting final military honors for veterans across the state year round. We believe every veteran deserves the proper send off and our team provides the highest level of professionalism, military bearing, and execution at every military funeral we have the honor of presenting.

Requesting Military Funeral Honors

The Nevada Military Funeral Honors Program will accommodate any and all funeral honors requests. To request a team at your loved ones service, please download and fill out the Funeral Honors Request Form for your specific region.

Northern Nevada
Southern Nevada

Have available any discharge or retirement paperwork. This includes any DD 214, certificate of discharge/retirement, or any applicable VA paperwork stating term of service.
Please email all attachments to the Nevada Military Funeral Honors group email at
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns when requesting a team.

How to Apply for Honor Guard Membership

Who is eligible to join?
Any Nevada Army National Guard soldier who has completed AIT within the ranks of E1-E6 and O1-O3 can apply with the following criteria:
Currently meets Army Height and Weight Standards IAW
Current passing DA 705
Letter of recommendation from unit 1SG or Commander
No physical profiles or any adverse actions pending from unit of assignment

Please fill out the application and email the respective region team leader, depending on your location, to continue the application process. Benefits:
Honoring those who served
1 days pay and 1 retirement point per day while conducting funeral honors and training
Potential for awards and recognitions
ASU uniform items

NVARNG Volunteer Application

Contact Us

Send all funeral requests to NG.NV.NVARNG.LIST.HONOR-GUARD@MAIL.MIL
Please include Funeral Honors Request Form and any applicable discharge paperwork / DD 214
For more information please feel free to contact the respective point of contacts below:
Northern Team Leader
SGT Christina Aguilar

Southern Team Leader
SGT Manuel Monroy

Nevada NCOIC
1SG Shawn Fidler

State Coordinator
James Richardson