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Performance Triad

     The Performance Triad is a comprehensive plan to improve readiness and increase resilience through public health initiatives and leadership engagement. The Triad is the foundation for Army Medicine's transformation to a System For Health, a partnership among Soldiers, Families, Leaders, Health Teams and Communities to promote Readiness, Resilience and Responsibility. The System For Health: MAINTAINS health through fitness and illness/injury prevention, RESTORES health through patient-centered care, and IMPROVES health through informed choices in the Life space.

     The focus of the Performance Triad is on Sleep, Activity, and Nutrition - key actions that influence health in the "Life space" of time that isn't spent with a healthcare provider. As a result, the biggest impact on Health is made by making better choices in our Life space.


Key Messages of the Performance Triad:

-Get Quality Sleep

-Engage in Activity

-Improve Nutrition


Performance Triad Website:
Resource Files:
-Prepare for Back to School
-The Performance Triad Challenge
-The Total Army Family Challenge
-The Performance Triad Guide
-Personal Health Inventory - Army Version
-Resilience and Mental Health Guide