National Guard

Survivor Outreach Services


Embracing and reassuring Survivors that they are continually linked to the Army Family through a unified support program that enables them to remain

an important part of the Army for as long as they desire.



SOS Coordinators will:

  • Provide expertise on State and Federal survivor benefits.
  • Work closely with the CAO to provide guidance and assistance to the Family in regards to benefits, entitlements and local resources.

  • Arrange for estate and financial advice when requested.
  • Educate the military command, community social services and support agencies of the needs of our military Survivors.

  • Form networks and support groups so Survivors will have peer support readily available.
  • Connect Survivors with appropriate mental health support/counseling as requested.
  • Supply Survivors with resource referrals for:
    • Peer Support
    • Emergency financial services
    • Tricare
    • Obtaining reports
    • Bereavement counseling
    • Military legal assistance
    • Educational Benefits
    • Benefits Assistance



RenoOffice: 775.384.5824 
Las VegasOffice: 702.632.0556Cell: 775.315.9957