National Guard

Public Affairs Office

The mission of the Nevada National Guard's public affairs staff is to support The Adjutant General and his subordinates to meet informational needs of the organization's internal and external audiences without detriment to the National Guard's military operations.

A major goal of the public affairs staff is to provide accurate, timely and balanced information to the public - the citizens of Nevada. The staff works in conjunction with local and national media to provide understanding of the Guard's unclassified operations, capabilities and intent.

The public affairs staff also coordinates community-related functions including civic leader and youth orientation flights, military participation at community events, base tours and military speakers.




Nevada State Public Affairs Officer

Lt. Col. Mickey Kirschenbaum
Office: (775) 887-7252
Mobile: (775) 287-5592

Public Affairs Office Staff

SFC Erick Studenicka
Office: (775) 887-7250
Mobile: (775) 720-3906

Nevada National Guard Historian

Tech. Sgt. Emerson Marcus
Office: (775) 884-8439
Mobile: (702) 265-6301

Check out the Army 106th Public Affairs Detachment below: